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Buy Blue Dream strain Online. Blue Dream appears as the second-best Sativa dominant hybrid strain for its potency.  It also has an uplifting cerebral high that helps with mood disorders, depression, and stress-related conditions.


                                                    Buy Blue Dream Strain Online

Buy Blue Dream strain Online. Blue Dream appears as the second-best Sativa dominant hybrid strain for its potency.  It also has an uplifting cerebral high that helps with mood disorders, depression, and stress-related conditions

Blue Dream

One of the most mysterious and yet popular cannabis strains is the Blue Dream. Its history is wrapped in an enigma since no one knows for certain who created it. Originally, its parents were the Blueberry and Haze strains, and it remains so to this day. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

The Blue Dream’s THC content variates from 17% to 24% in this strongest state, which is astounding. At its highest, this is one of the strongest cannabis strains on the market. Its effects – mild euphoria at start, and then extreme sedation, relaxation, and a dreamy attitude. It’s everything you ever wanted.

Floral aroma combined with a berry aftertaste

Everything about the Blue Dream is related to berries but it often has a citrus and sandalwood aroma. Its Haze parent is renowned for the spicy-citric taste that pervades all your senses as soon as you take your first hit. Its child will naturally continue in its footsteps, and the berry aroma only makes things even better.

You might even get a taste of lavender if you’re lucky enough. Sometimes, a grape after-taste might make its way to your taste buds. It all depends on the genetic inheritance of the plant, as well as the growth conditions. The plant looks, smells, and tastes incredible, and that’s a massive understatement already. Numerous consumers have claimed that it’s the greatest thing they’ve tried. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

Even after you smoke it, the blueberry aftertaste will remain with you for many hours. You simply can’t escape it, no matter how hard you try. Blue Dream will follow you day and night as soon as you smoke it. But you wouldn’t want to get rid of the berry taste – it’s delicious, after all.

More Sativa than Indica

A typical Blue Dream strain will have a 60% to 40% rapport between Sativa and Indica. Clearly, you should expect narrower leaves, a more rarefied flower-bud structure, and a higher overall plant. You should have more space in your personal garden if you’re planning on growing this particular strain. While it’s not as tall as a full-fledged Sativa strain, it still retains a reasonable height. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

Being a Sativa-dominant hybrid, the Blue Dream prefers hotter growth environments though it can easily survive in a colder climate as well. It thrives in both outdoor and indoor climates, and it’s one of the least demanding cannabis strains out there. A grower will have to wait a bit longer until the plant completes its flowering cycle though. Around 10 weeks are necessary for the plant to start producing flowers. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

Blue Dream is certainly not just a couch-locker that you consume and wait to fall asleep. It won’t sedate you physically until you’re unfit to even move a hand. Instead, what it does is incredible – it elevates your level of consciousness, improves your imagination, and instills a state of euphoric relaxation within you.

Deep surge of inspiration and creative impetus

The Blue Dream strain is a perfect fit for those people who often find themselves lacking in inspiration for one of their projects. It’s also a good mental support for artists who must find good ideas for their works. A smoke of this strain will eliminate your inner censor, giving way to a flow of original ideas, each more interesting and innovative than the other.

Rather than criticizing most ideas, you’ll welcome them all, and combine them into masterful brilliance. With 17-24% THC concentration and up to 2% CBD, your mind will be more active and dynamic than ever before. However, you’ll be calmly pondering on your next steps, rather than stick your neck out impulsively. It’s a much-needed state of mind that many would kill to have. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

Fortunately, you don’t have to kill anyone to experience this meditative calmness. Instead, get a strain of Blue dream, and start smoking. Be careful though – it’s a strong contender for any other strain on the market. Start with low doses, and see how they affect you. You can increase the dose as you go on.

Treats anxiety and lack of inspiration

On the one hand, the Blue Dream strain will help you get rid of the pesky anxiety, no matter the situation. Before a big event, take a hit from this wonder plant, and see yourself becoming more aware, more incisive, and more focused. It will give you the extra oomph you need to keep your emotions in check.

On the other hand, you will become much more creative and inspired in your daily undertakings. Whether you’re trying to come up with a solid idea for your project or you want to get the finishing touches on your novel, the Blue Dream will help you achieve it. The berry taste and floral aromas will enrich your world and make you crave for more. That’s a guarantee. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

Grow information

Blue Dream by Unknown

When cultivated outdoors, Blue Dream hits full maturation by late October in the Northern Hemisphere, late April in the Southern Hemisphere. The strain thrives when grown indoors in a hydroponic environment and finishes flowering about 8 to 10 weeks after the 12/12 light cycle switch, according to Dark Heart Nursery. For a more robust flavor profile, many growers choose to cultivate this strain in soil with organic nutrients. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

Blue Dream by Mystic Seeds

This version of Blue Dream is known for producing a short, dark-green plant that grows slowly in the vegetative phase and produces modest yields. Due to the Kush influence, this variety is an early-stretching plant that takes on more Indica qualities when flowering and finishes with chunky, pungent blue-hued flowers. This version of Blue Dream is considered to be a good commercial strain that’s highly resistant to mold and pests.

Blue Dream by DJ Short

DJ Short’s version of Blue Dream grows relatively slow during the vegetation cycle and stretches dramatically once the flower cycle begins. Training these plants via the Sea of Green or Screen of Green technique helps to maximize yield. DJ Short’s Blue Dream strain produces dense, rounded flowers that create an above-average yield. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

Blue Dream by Humboldt Seed Organization

The strain’s growth pattern is slender with narrow fan leaves. The light green calyxes turn golden near harvest time and typically produce swollen teardrop-shaped colas that outproduce other versions of this strain.

Humboldt Seeds also offers an auto flowering version of Blue Dream that’s ready for harvest about 11 weeks after planting. The autoflowering Blue Dream strain produces a short, bushy plant that produces long side-branches with wide internodal spacing. From seed to smoke, Blue Dream Auto is typically ready for harvest within 75 days of germination. Featuring a rich Blueberry Haze flavor, this auto hybrid is zesty enough to entice skilled growers and simple enough for novice cultivators to gain their first taste of success. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

The Strain

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain native to the home of marvelous phenotypes and the Golden State itself, California. This impeccable hybrid has cemented its reputation as one of the best West Coast strains to ever exist and sits at the upper echelons of the cannabis hierarchy, despite being a “baby” strain, or a phenotype that was only discovered in the modern 21st century. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

Blue Dream has astounded many high-profile celebrities, being mentioned by the likes of rapper Juicy J, who even wrote a song titled after the strain, Snoop Dogg, and beloved artist and cannabis advocate Willie Nelson who praises it for the heady, yet productive and energetic high. This globally recognized and critically renowned strain is so popular that it was the top-grossing strain within the states of Washington, Oregon and Colorado, selling an extraordinary $49 million dollars in 2016 alone. Buy Blue Dream Strain online


Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry and Haze. While its parental strains are opposite phenotypes, Blue Dream perfectly balances the soothing and relaxing body-high or couch-lock of indica strains with the cerebral, euphoric and invigorating nature of its sativa predecessor, making it great for all-around usage. Even as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, it still packs quite the punch, boasting a remarkable average 20% THC concentration. These high THC levels should be taken as a precautionary warning, as the high of this strain is heavy-hitting and quick-acting. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

Upon smoking, users will instantly notice that the effects of this hybrid are unlike the high of any other strains. A bizarre harmony between the sense of a sedating full-body high and a motivated, euphoric and cerebral mind-state, it is no surprise as to why Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains available today. Asides from its recreational purposes, this hybrid has many therapeutic utility as well. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is effective for the treatment of headaches, anxiety, depression, stress and mild pain. Buy Blue Dream Strain online

Appearance & Aroma

Blue Dream is a beautiful hybrid strain with tremendous bag appeal. Even for a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, it boasts medium sized buds with fluorescent green leaves and a minimal amount of orange trichomes or hairs. This is an easy to grow plant that nearly always produces tight, dense buds that are blanketed by a nice layer of THC trichomes. Blue Dream brings more than just a nice physical appearance and bag appeal, as these dreamy nugs blend together delicious flavors of sweet blueberries and a mellow earthy sugar or vanilla-like essence. Buy Blue Dream Strain online


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