Rema Acceptable Payment 


rema acceptable payment.The best payment option available.
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REMA CARTS ONLINE SHOPPING accepts cash app or zelle as a meth you complete your order information concerning your payment will be email to you to complete the payment of your order. We ensure that we use the more complex and faster means to meet up with time of our client delivery

Paying with gift card is the most flexible way to pay your order here at REMA CARTS ONLINE SHOPPING we do accept carts such as STEAM GIFT CARD, VANILA VISA CARD, AMAZON GIFT CARD AND GOOGLE PAY. Please before getting the cards make sure you visit the chat widget for confirmation.

As an online shopping center we do accept credit card as a medium of payment. our shop accept visa and master card payment the confirmation of your payment depends on how long the card payment takes. also some banks makes it difficult for such transaction to pull through when this situation turns up we usually contact the client to report the situation and change the mode of payment.

N.B: Apart from all of the payment option mention on the checkout page we do appreciate our client contribution on any flexible method of payment that is more complex and fast. Kindly leave your comment below .

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